Women love poker too

Yes even our favorite desperate housewives lead the trend with their weekly poker party. But now beyond a private party over tea, women are becoming more and more power in this environment famously macho. Cards, money, strategy, poker bluff, it was thought to be a male specialty. But overcoming their status of decorative dolls, women have emerged as serious competitors in this game. Laura a former candidate for poker reality TV broadcast is now the feminine touch of Party Poker. She explains her daily life of a poker player.

The poker world is known to be very masculine. In view of the pretty young woman she is, how to survive in such a macho environment? Indeed, it is a world renowned for being macho. But she does not particularly feel that and she feels pretty good. She landed on the poker tournament circuit just one year ago. She made her debut in a poker TV show, and then she joined Party Poker. If she had to do a little review she would say that she easily integrated with both men as with women in the poker world.

Women are still in the minority around the poker tables. Are there advantages and disadvantages to being a woman in this very male environment? For her part, she only see advantages! The men think women are very tight (playing only when they have two good cards in their hands). Therefore they can quietly get away with a lot of small bluffs! In addition, men often tell her they are delighted to have a girl – and yes they are very few – at the table, so they want to keep them as long as possible. And they can take advantage of that!

On her last tournament, they approached the bubble (in a tournament, it means the time when it remains only one player eliminated before the money for everyone) and she was short stack (when there are only a few chips to the player). One of her opponents told her that if everyone folded, he would leave her his blind (the forced bet before the cards)! Sometimes they are very generous with such small gifts.

More and more tournaments are organized for ladies. What is the mood of women in poker? Can we talk about female solidarity in the world of poker? Tournaments ladies have always nice moments. The atmosphere is very good and relaxed. On the solidarity side, there is a general solidarity in the world of poker, not just women. It’s a real community. What advice would she give to young ladies wishing to participate in a poker tournament? Do not be afraid of anything and try your luck!

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