The positive side of online poker

You can play online poker on lots of websites and European companies offer the most of them. You can take it as a fun entertainment as well as a source of making money. One big reason of online poker popularity is that some people simply love gambling. Now everyone can play poker as the Internet made it too easy and convenient.

You can play multi table and you can choose any game you want, online poker is far better than brick and mortar casinos. Before the introduction of online poker people could only play limited games in real casinos. In the USA many states have restricted people to play poker and in those states the gamble lovers are very much worried and they have to come other states to play poker. Now with the facility to play poker online the number of poker players has increased tremendously not just in the USA but all over the world.

You can enjoy many additional things when you are taking about online poker. Many sites nowadays offer different attractive deals, like they give you some reading content about poker to increase your knowledge, they keep your previous games records and different analysis so that you can have an idea about your game. The best poker sites also offer juicy promotions such as sign up bonuses and VIP programs that let you get some cash back.

Now you don’t have to go to casinos or other states. The important things you need are a reliable Internet connection and a computer, that’s it. When you play online poker there is no chance that anyone can recognize your identity. In online poker you can not have physical interaction with anyone so no one can read you or your expressions. This is a much more private way of playing the game in other words.

The main thing to point out is that there are numerous states, countries where playing poker is forbidden and if you want to play it you have to visit another state or country. But this thing is not applicable when you are playing online poker; any one living any where can have access to these poker websites and he can play. You can have the luxury to play it any time you want, it does not matter it it is day or night every game is available 24 hours. In fact these poker sites are a new revolution to poker fans and they are very popular with gamblers of all bankrolls or age.

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The full tilt sage continues

The Full Tilt Poker saga continued this week, but this time we finally got a real piece of news. The Group Bernard Tapie is the investor who is attempting to buy the company running the poker room Full Tilt.

This is the first time that an investor’s name is revealed and this sounds like a serious deal here. Bernard Tapie is a French businessman who has been involved with numerous businesses in the past 40 years and his name puts a lot of credibility on this deal. Some will say that he has had problems with justice, but it is a mistake he did a long time ago and overall his career is prestigious and when he is involved with a company, he really means profits.

This is a great news for the brand Full Tilt Poker and they said that we could expect to see it back online some time next year. There was another news this week, bad this time: the AGCC has revoked full tilt’s license. This is not really a surprise given that now the Feds are going after the owners themselves, accusing them of running a Ponzi scheme. But that is not a major deal breaker for Tapie, as the new owners will obviously have a lot of cleaning to do, including getting new licenses.

There are many hurdles for this deal to go through beyond getting a poker license, the first of which is getting the agreement from the DOJ, and finding a way to pay back players and to establish clean balance segregation. It is quite risky for the buyer as many players will immediately transfer to another poker room as soon as they get their funds back. And who would blame them given the way they have been treated.

But then realistically some players will also stay, and some will understand that this should not happen again with the new management and all the pressure and auditing they will be subject to. And then their product including the software is great, and some players old and new will be aware of that.

So yes it is risky and it is also possibly very profitable. It all depends on how the Group Tapie will manage the brand and if they can maintain a good market share. But as their are not gambling specialists, this could be a challenge as this market has so many peculiarities. It depends also of course on how much they pay.

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Know when to fold

For most players, folding is seen as an act of cowardice, avoiding difficult decisions ahead in the game.

Moreover, they believe that folding means not playing a real game of poker and because of this thought beginners are felling very frustrated with the concept of folding. In fact, mastering this technique is extremely useful in ensuring your long-term poker success, because the key to winning is to be selective and only play hands favorable. You should definitely be able to fold in situations where you are at a disadvantage.

Another important element is to use a bonus code when you register, such as the codigo promocional pokerstars if you are Portuguese or Brazilian. Before learning how to fold, you need to open an account at a prominent online poker room, so you should as well benefit from the best bonus offers available.

Back to folding, to reach a high level of control, you must make great efforts to counter feelings of boredom and impatience that arise during the game. A good player can discipline himself to be capable of putting into practice the principles of starting hands selection. Here are some tips so that you are no longer bothered by having folded many starting hands and you can concentrate better on the game.

First, you need to practice this strategy away from the poker table using poker software that can simulate the styles of play or allow to program various game situations to find the most profitable play in certain conditions. The advantages of this type of training is that you have no competition as you play hundreds of hands against virtual players as there is a counselor in the game that shows you what you need to do with good hands. Anyway, keep in mind that real poker games are not always like that and in fact, gradually as you become more experienced you’ll find that almost every hand is playable based on the circumstances.

Then, in real situations, expect premium hands to become boring even for the more experienced people. Accordingly, it is very important to have an occupation in the times you fold not to remain inert and relax a little. Small exercises such as breathing, the creaking of the fingers, close and open your fists, rolling your neck or even walking around the room will help boost your circulation and relieve tension.

That way, you will not be tempted to play a hand just to do something. Another positive aspect of the little walk after folding is for your opponents to forget you’re playing a tight player. If you leave the table for a few minutes the others will more easily forget that you’ve thrown all your weak hands until then while waiting for a better hand. So make them forget!

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Steaming in online poker

hello, this is a post about reverse bragging, only because it’s got me so steamed.

I invested in the FTP $8k guarantee tourney last night. The cards are hitting for me and I’m making the right plays. About 1/3 the field has dropped off. I’m 2nd in chips. Excellent beginning and this does not happen too often to me.

A hand comes up where I know I am a huge favorite. I actually forgot the specifics of this hand because of the two that happened after it. I get all my chips in on the turn. Sure enough, my opponent hits one of his 2 outs on the river.

The very next hand I put my opponent in on the turn. The board is Q557, I have a 5. He has a 7. Guess what lands on the river?

The very next hand, I am down to 215 chips with AK offsuit and, knowing it is the best I will likely see before I am blinded out, I push. Only caller has KJ offsuit so he is dominated. Flop contains a Jack, I do not improve.

2nd in chips to rail bird in 3 consecutive hands where my opponents had 2, 2, and 3 outs respectively. Why is that my best tourney finish to date? Well, I’ve finished a few multi table tournaments in the money and one of them well into the money. But this one more than any other really has given me confidence in my game. I had my chips in with the very best of it. If I can do that on a consistent basis, I will win a big one eventually. So, it’s the best finish because it’s given me the confidence to hit these particular tourneys all that much harder.

Sorry, partially a bad beat story, partially venting… but at least there’s some redeeming quality in the lesson there. Make the correct moves and do not worry about the outcome, this is rule number one in poker.

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