An introduction to mixed games

Mixed Games are tables or tournaments that are set up so that you can play several different variants of poker in one convenient place.

They are great for those who know how to play more than just one game because the action is loose and frenetic. The reason why? Not many people know how to play many different variants of poker well (or at all). Therefore, mixed games are very lucrative for those with a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of skill.

Mixed games often have funny sounding titles like HA, HO, HOSE and HORSE. Here’s a chart for what each letter stands for so you can determine which games you’ll be playing, especially if you sit down online where it’s not always quite so crystal clear.

• H – Hold’em

• O – Omaha Hi/Lo
• A – Omaha Hi
• R – Razz
• S – Seven Card Stud
• E – Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

Most mixed games run on the limit tip. They’re not usually no-limit. This gives you more time to play. In a tournament game, each time the blinds go up, the game changes. In a cash game, the variant will change at a set interval of time.

For example, Joe’s playing in a HORSE tournament. He starts at 5/10 blinds in the game of Limit Texas Holdem. 10 minutes later, the game changes to Omaha Hi/Lo. The blinds also go up to 10/20 and so forth and so on.

If you’re adaptable, intelligent and able to pay attention, you can do really well in mixed poker games. They’re springing up all over the net these days. Poker Stars, Ultimate Bet and Full Tilt Poker have mixed gaming options for their players. Other rooms are sure to follow suit if they haven’t already. Some pros even want to make the Main Event a HORSE tournament. They think it tests the true mettle of a poker player.

Who knows? Mixed games just might be the future of poker.

Full Tilt has recently added a Mixed Games tab to their online poker room. You can play HA, HO, HOSE or HORSE in a variety of different formats including heads-up, single-table ring games and even tournaments. Why not test your skill today?

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