Poker Experiments

Here’s a quick Seth Godin-esque nugget of wisdom, since I haven’t posted in 15 days somehow (I have 5 drafts that need some finishing touches).

Once you have the basics down and are winning at say 25nl, try something different. Pick a modification or two and apply it to your game for a day. Be biased towards aggressive modifications, because playing every hand passively is going to be lighting money on fire. You can do more than one modification in a session, just be sure that there is no overlap between the modifications.

For example, 3-betting every button open would work well with raising every river bet but not flat calling all open raises when you are on the button. If multiple modifications could trigger adjustments in the same area of your opponents’ strategy, it will be very hard to determine what modification is causing what change.

  • Raise to a different size preflop all of the time. Or some of the time.
  • Limp reraise from time to time.
  • Raise every continuation bet.
  • Float every continuation bet where you have overcards and raise on the turn when draws complete.
  • Make all of your postflop raises minraises (double the betsize).
  • Use your imagination.

Small sample size will limit the ability to actually see how profitable these strategy adjustments are, but the goal is not to see if these are good long term strategies. Almost all of them won’t be profitable, but what you will see is that it is very effective to do things that are non-standard and deviate from your normal strategy.

Some players will start playing crazy once you start doing things out of the ordinary and will take some time to adjust.

The other important takeaway is to learn how the average regular reacts to a specific play. I’ll illustrate this with an example.

Let’s say your adjustment for the session is to slightly overbet (bet larger than the size of the pot) the flop when you are the preflop raiser. If you do this 30 times against regulars and get folds 23 times, you will see that the default reaction to your large bet is to fold.

Sure, making a larger bet will deprive them of odds to call with some hands, but you are likely to be folding out some hands that should be continuing if your opponent knew how wide of a range you were betting with.

If you kept it up, eventually thinking players would start to call and raise your bets and see that you frequently have nothing with your large bets and would begin to adjust to how you play. But there is no reason you can’t do this play against a poker player that you have very little history with, now that you know how the average player reacts to your bet.

Or you could just do this infrequently, just often enough to make money from the play, but not often enough that your unusual play sticks out in your opponent’s mind and receives special attention.

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