Steaming in online poker

hello, this is a post about reverse bragging, only because it’s got me so steamed.

I invested in the FTP $8k guarantee tourney last night. The cards are hitting for me and I’m making the right plays. About 1/3 the field has dropped off. I’m 2nd in chips. Excellent beginning and this does not happen too often to me.

A hand comes up where I know I am a huge favorite. I actually forgot the specifics of this hand because of the two that happened after it. I get all my chips in on the turn. Sure enough, my opponent hits one of his 2 outs on the river.

The very next hand I put my opponent in on the turn. The board is Q557, I have a 5. He has a 7. Guess what lands on the river?

The very next hand, I am down to 215 chips with AK offsuit and, knowing it is the best I will likely see before I am blinded out, I push. Only caller has KJ offsuit so he is dominated. Flop contains a Jack, I do not improve.

2nd in chips to rail bird in 3 consecutive hands where my opponents had 2, 2, and 3 outs respectively. Why is that my best tourney finish to date? Well, I’ve finished a few multi table tournaments in the money and one of them well into the money. But this one more than any other really has given me confidence in my game. I had my chips in with the very best of it. If I can do that on a consistent basis, I will win a big one eventually. So, it’s the best finish because it’s given me the confidence to hit these particular tourneys all that much harder.

Sorry, partially a bad beat story, partially venting… but at least there’s some redeeming quality in the lesson there. Make the correct moves and do not worry about the outcome, this is rule number one in poker.

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