Mastering bluff induction

There are so many ways to make a good bluff and this depends on many factors. but no matter what, this is hard to master. On the other hand knowing how to induce your opponents to make a bluff is even harder. One sure thing is that it depends a lot on your opponents’ style. To buy hand histories in order to uncover your opponents’ styles before you meet them is certainly a way to get an edge.

The crux is to understand the best cases for succeeding with bluff induction. And as was said, it is crucial to know which are the poker players who will get caught in such a trap.

One first situation where you want to get bluffed is when you have a fantastic hand. In this case, several options are possible for you. You can check every street if you feel that your opponent is prone to react to apparent weakness. You just need to call each of his bets. He could believe that you have a drawing hand if the board is drawy.

Or you can make a low raise, thus allowing him to shove over you. If your stacks are both deep, performing the min-raise will in some situations push him to send all of his remaining chips on the felt.

The opponents’ style is the most important aspect to pay attention to. It is obvious that to induce an opponent to bluff, it is preferable for you than he be aggressive and capable to go pretty far with his continuation bets, almost a maniac. To perform this move, you have to select your targets and understand them well to know what triggers them. Theoretically, the more your opponent is aggressive and likes to bluff, the easier it will be to take a maximum of his chips with this play. Conversely, a very passive or suspicious player will often stop betting after getting called once.

Inducing your opponent to bluff is hard in general and you must fully control the situation. Note that you should avoid floating too much, as it will be costly in the long-run. Reserve the float play to these special situations where you want to induce a bluff.

Inducing a bluff while winning a big pot is one of the most memorable moment in the game of poker, and you will really feel like you are on top of the world. So practice this method for future enjoyment at the poker table.

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