Poker luck

In any game, it is very evident that hard work rewards the dedicated players. Luck does affect your emerging as a player, but hard work rewards much more. In some games but not all, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Good luck results from deliberate and strategic hard work and planning. People do not get lucky on their own. They turn lucky when they put in hard work, and that is how they need to be if they want luck to favor them. The scenario is pretty much the same in poker also. This is very similar to the situations in other games as well. But in poker, luck is not all that you need. It is believed that the luckier you get, the worse you tend to play in fact.

Every player appreciates poker luck, and would want to save it for a rainy day as well. But, luck is actually the opponent of a poker play. A weaker player wins a pot and we believe that he has the luck to get it. A bad player does not open up, always comes from behind most often, make perfect catches, and so on. A bad player can seek to become lucky at any time. So, they are considered to be much lucky when compared to others. They have several ways of obtaining lucky.

Good players are sometimes showered with luck, as can be seen at the WSOP. But actually they choose the mathematically correct action. Sometimes certain players are accused of having poker luck. Sometimes a player feels like what his instincts tell him. The luck of the good player is actually due to his preparation. The good player often obtains luck because of the mistakes of his opponents.

Good players may also be accused of being with a player who overbets his hand and gives them five or four extra bets. You are also lucky that the other rivals would have given you extra bets. But the point is that a good player will induce and extract extra bets from rival more frequently than a bad player.

When playing poker you would also want to obtain luck from your opponents and it will be like receiving it on a silver plate. Poker luck is very essential especially when you are holding a very high hand and you would want your opponents to increase the pot size for you. This is the normal poker luck that is obtainable by the good poker players, but luck would never come upon you if you are expecting to beat your opponents while you are holding a very low hand.

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